Monday, May 16, 2022

Europe 72 Revisited Part Seventeen


On the eve of May 16, 1972, the band received an enthusiastic and gracious introduction from Radio Luxembourg DJ David “Kid” Jensen:

“For the second time in the history of Radio Luxembourg, a three-hour live broadcast. Tonight, with one of the pioneer groups that have changed the whole course of contemporary music over their last seven years of existence. Originally a jug band in 1964, they are today rated as America’s finest…Radio Luxembourg welcomes THE GRATEFUL DEAD!”

Here’s an excerpt from Europe 72 Revisited:

Set two of Luxembourg opens with Truckin’ > Other One, and closes with NFA > GDTRFB > NFA as it did in Lille. These are the back-to-back Europe ’72 shows with the most similar set lists, but as always, the Dead paint on a fresh canvas and take their artistry down a path you never would expect. “Truckin’” is condensed, yet there’s a nice pivot towards “The Other One” prior to Billy’s drumming.

The Dead are in attack mode as they whirl into “The Other One.” A strong psychedelic surge propels this to “Spanish Lady” without a major detour along the way. The next jam is unmerciful. If somebody on the European continent randomly turned on the radio at this point, they might be convinced that World War III was underway. Jerry’s piercing speed jams are lethal—sonic radiation. Phil’s bass bombs away, blowing apart speakers in radioland and rattling the bones of listeners across the globe. This intense “Other One” checks in at a shade under twenty minutes. The average listener on May 16, 1972, must have been amazed by the length of this performance, but it was twelve minutes shorter than an average tour version.


                                                            EUROPE 72 REVISITED


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