Friday, June 30, 2017

Dylan & the Grateful Dead: A Tale of Twisted Fate

On the thirtieth anniversary of the first Dylan Dead show in Foxboro, Dylan and the Grateful Dead: A Tale of Twisted Fate, is now available on Amazon. Happy July 4! Dylan and Garcia are the two most revered, beloved, and bootlegged American performers of our time, and this is a tribute to their combined eighty-plus years of public service. Thanks to Jay Blakesberg for the cover photo, and Robbi Cohn, Ben Upham, Chad Anderson, and Scott Gibson for the photos inside. 

A Tale of Twisted Fate chronicles Bob Dylan’s rapid ascent to immortality as the preeminent songwriter of his time, and contrasts that with the Grateful Dead’s long strange trip, during which they went from being a psychedelic band with a cult following to the most popular touring act in America. 

When Dylan & the Dead launched their historic 1987 tour, Dylan’s popularity was declining and he was out of touch with his muse. On the other hand, the Grateful Dead basked in the unexpected commercial success of their hit MTV video “Touch of Grey.” Inspired by his time with the Dead, Dylan experienced a rebirth as a performing artist. A Tale of Twisted Fate explores the influences, innovations, and legacies of the iconic careers of Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia.        
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Kindle version will be available July 13


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