Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tangled Up In Tunes

Tangled Up in Tunes: Ballad of a Dylahead will be released in January. Here's the latest endorsement my book has received:

Howard Weiner's new book is a smart, funny, informative, and ultimately touching accomplishment, a classic American bildungsroman with Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan as the surprising emotional engines. For those of us who grew up far from the capitals of culture, popular music performed the same education in sensibilty that high culture once did for an earlier, perhaps more aristocratic generation. That history, at once public and personal, is a story rarely told -- and Weiner tells it boldly and resonantly here.

-- Robert Polito, author of Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson and Hollywood & God

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Statement Analysis Blog said...

congratulations on the book comments; I look forward to reading it.

Peter Hyatt


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