Dylan & the Grateful Dead

Monday, March 26, 2007



My first mission in Minnesota was to find Dylan’s old crib during his stay in Minneapolis. That was a cakewalk. The first building I saw in Dinkytown was Loring Pasta Bar which was formerly Gray’s Drugstore. Dylan rented a second floor apartment there, and his fascination with Woody Guthrie began around this time in 1959. If you look at the pictures of Loring’s, the old façade of the drugstore is still visible. However, any traces of Dylan’s time there or of a folk scene have vanished. Even the famed Ten O’clock Scholar Coffeehouse no longer exists. The business area of Dinkytown encompasses an area of about four small blocks. This charming part of town has a smoke shop and two excellent bookstores. Dropping by Loring Pasta Bar for at least a cocktail is a must, the scenery inside is elegant, but the food’s expensive for an establishment in this tiny village.

After interrogating the employees at Loring’s, a few of them informed me that they thought the party room, also known as the Red Room, is where Dylan resided. There’s a framed photo of Bob in the room.

The Red Room

It’s possible that part of the Red Room was Dylan’s, but in Chronicles he says that he had a window that looked out into an alleyway which leads me to believe that this was where his apartment was located:


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